Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Reasons Why You Need to Start Playing Golf

Often called the gentleman’s game, golf is one of those sports that very few appreciate. The idea of propelling a small ball into a series of holes is not so fascinating to some people. We will look at some amazing benefits of playing this outdoor sport.

1.      Explore the outdoors

Studies have shown that exposing yourself to the outdoor environment comes with a myriad of health benefits. You get to experience the fresh air and reduce stress and anxiety in your system. Exposing yourself to the sunshine also benefits the body by allowing it to consume vitamin D from the sun. The risk of heart disease and ailments like cancers can be greatly reduced by participating in outdoor sports like golf.

2.      Great opportunity to socialize

If you are looking for a healthy way to keep in touch with your friends and even connect with new people, head on to the golf course. Golf is not a very intense game like soccer or basketball and it gives you and other players a great opportunity to connect. It’s no wonder businessmen prefer playing golf with their partners and prospects. They are able to close business deals as they enjoy the sport.

3.      Strengthens the leg muscles

If you are looking for a sport that can help you do some leg exercises, golf can be a great option. The movements you make when throwing the strokes gives your muscles some workout. Golfing can also help you to strengthen the bladder because you learn to hold the sensation of frequenting the washroom when you’re at the golf course.

4.      Boost heart health

Physicians usually recommend exercises that help to keep the heart rate up. Golf is one such exercise that is not very intense and can give your heart a bit of exercise. The constant walking and swinging helps to enhance your blood flow and lower the risk of heart attack.

5.      Good for your mental health

Golf can keep your brain well stimulated. The game involves competing with each other which helps to also boost self-esteem and confidence. The mental activity involved when playing golf helps to keep the brain active and boost cognitive functions.

6.      Low risk of getting an injury

Golf is probably one of the safest sports you can play. Other than the constant walking and swinging, there is really no intense activity that can put you at risk of getting an injury. It’s a very safe sport that can still help to keep your muscles active. It may be a suitable pastime for people with mobility issues or health concerns that limit the kind of physical activities they can participate in.

7.      Stress reduction

The game of golf can really help to alleviate stress. The fact that you are in an outdoor area is enough to keep you in a good mood. The body releases endorphins which are natural mood-enhancing chemicals that make you feel more relaxed when engaged in an outdoor activity. It’s one great way to keep yourself worry-free.

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