Friday, March 18, 2016

Reasons to Incorporate Golfing in Your Lifestyle

Golf is one of those outdoor sports few people consider incorporating in their lifestyle. But there are many who appreciate the so called gentleman’s game. Some play golf as a form of exercise, others to reduce stress and socialize. Here are 7 good reasons to play golf on a regular basis.

1.      Socialize
If you are looking for a healthy way to socialize and foster relationships, try golfing. Golf, unlike other highly intense and competitive sports, provides a lot of room to engage with people while enjoying the game. You get to learn from fellow golfers and improve your skill.

2.      Destress
Playing golf allows your body to relax by releasing the mood enhancing chemicals in the brain known as endorphins. Because the game is practiced outdoors, you are able to interact with nature, enjoy the fresh air as you spend quality time with friends and family. Playing a round of golf can alleviate stress because it allows the brain to focus on a more relaxing activity.

3.      Enhance heart health
Sports like golf are highly recommended because they provide a form of exercise for your heart. As you walk, swing and carry your equipment along the course, your heart keeps pumping and this increases blood flow to the rest of the body. The enhanced blood flow helps to reduce risks of heart disease and also bad cholesterol. It’s one of those outdoor activities that improve your physical health.

4.      As a form of exercise
Some people have played golf as a form of exercise to burn extra calories and maintain physical fitness. With golfing comes a lot of walking which gives your muscles a good workout. You can walk 5 to 7 kilometers when golfing and this provides you the workout you’ll need to stay fit. If you carry your equipment as you walk, you are able to burn more calories and strengthen your muscles. Practicing golf 2 to 3 times a week can be a great form of exercise.

5.      Improve your vision
When golfing, you have to be keen when striking the white ball. Good vision is important because it helps you to focus on your target. You are going to learn how to target small holes in very long distances before taking a swing. With this, you are able to evaluate your vision and also improve hand-eye coordination.

6.      Golf is generally safe
Unlike most contact sports, golf has a very low risk of injury. This kind of sport requires one to be well coordinated and accurate. The only physical activity that is required when playing golf is the swinging and pivoting which doesn’t risk serious injury. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy a game that’s safe and fun.

7.      Health benefits for the mind and body

Golf courses can cover up to 200 acres of land.  Throughout, players are exposed to the outdoors and get to enjoy the benefits of this exposure. The body can absorb vitamin D from the sun as well as reduce the risk of depression and heart disease because of exposure to the outdoors. 

Posted By: Wildwood Golf and RV Resort